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Bei: the most pure real soul, the love spread to the baby.

Bei: let the baby know that they have a harmonious home.

Pet Beibei: to create a human and pet belly of peace and harmony full of love and warm home.

The meaning of the LOGO

Blue is on behalf of the first did not forget the original dream, perseverance persist

The head of the baby represents a positive and healthy growth hope

Even the body of the pet babe on behalf of a group of people working together is engaged in the dissemination of the noble cause of love

The whole meaning: a group of people who are full of positive and progressive, in order to pet shells are engaged in health, hope, heritage love the noble cause.

The dream of Pet Beibei 

A group of people full of love, with their own enthusiasm, in the pet babe of this big family, walking the road to promote the industry, inherited for the struggle of the mission of life.

The dream of the man in Pet Beibei

Each people has "inheritance and animal harmony, the continuation of the Earth balance" mission, carries the "benefit of pets, love the world" vision, follow the "love it, pet it" concept, inspirational "Do the best quality pet supplies to the favorite it"

The following are the same as the "

Entrepreneurial dream

Realize the dream of entrepreneurship

A dream of showing value

Create a dream of a better life

Pet dream

Humans and animals live in peace and love

Create a harmonious dream of animal living environment

Animal healthy growth dream

No wandering, no killing of the dream

World dream

 pass the love  around the world